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Laine and Maure Delaney Interview

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey thanks for joining us very very special segment here on ninety point and the -- my name is Justine and then as you may have heard. Thursday morning and your -- on the lovely parent company here of ninety point nine the buzz. Fired and removed Julian back after some incredibly hateful comments against the transgender community were made during their show earlier this week. First off we would like to apologize very deeply from our hearts to the transgender community this community of Rochester. And and anybody else who was offended by their comments you know it's not. We're very proud of our past -- cure on behalf of the local -- VT community I'm personally involved in and myself and we remain committed very dedicated and committed to that partnership through wanna make sure that we can. Set that record straight. So in the spirit of this partnership and continuing to educate Rochester is it's. It's an educating process and our audience we would like to welcome -- and more Delaney thank you. I'll do you very much thank you so much for being here really do appreciate that the chance to be able to kind of clear the air and an offer this. Good rates speaking opportunity for you guys -- To really get a public form going on that's -- is the president of the trans alliance of greater Rochester and more is the founder of the Genesee valley gender variance so. Thank you so much for coming in and we'll talk a little bit more about your respective organizations that -- from them so -- welcome and your finger Yemen today. So we wanna educate everybody like I said on their realities of transgender people not just locally but really everywhere. Actually and I guess we should start police her with. Kind of what fueled this weeks and tired you know debate. Exactly. What obstacles can you tell us about that. I'm transgender people face when trying to access health care and why is that such a major piece of what makes their lovely Warren's decision soul. Important. It's a pretty expensive proposition. Even just one procedure that I can think of can run anywhere from four grand to eight grand. And when it's the difference between walking down the street feeling like cure yourself and your own skin and feeling like what people see is not who you are. I don't know a good waited. To go to have explained. This sense of this story that comes up with knowing that every time somebody seasoning. They are only seeing my anatomy and not who I am. Gender does -- is crippling condition is Tom trans people have a a successful suicide rate of around 40% coming out on the and that's that's just people who would actually committed suicide that's not everyone who's attempted -- It's really difficult to go through life -- -- to make a decision on whether you're going to beyond. Honest with yourself or you're going to face violence from the outside. And social censure from the outside. One of the reasons that mayor Warren's. Decision to change things and so is beneficial armed in a lot of ways it's helpful to deal. Community at large. It allows people to. It's a cost saving measure in a long term helping people with -- -- with psychotherapy come with with. Up procedures in their insurance. From all these things are things that will in the long term. Help reduce the overall incidences of self harm. Danger to yourself and down to loss thickened. A danger to others sickened follow the loss of people in your community. In addition to that the game can also help win -- smoothing the stigma that people face in the workplace. -- The fact that. We are now going to be supporting. Transgender medical care means that people will be turning less to. Alternative. Measures things lake hormones from outside the country that are regulated -- Procedures that might be. Done by a dubious practitioners. Can't helps keep things above the board it helps keep. People getting the care they need when they need it. I know myself I've been putting -- a lot of things because I just don't have the funds and granted I don't work through the city so I'm not gonna benefit directly from the us. But I know when he rebuilding community who do benefit directly from the us. And now let me ask you this and then I'm gonna start with more on the -- do you think that this remove some of the stigma about. You know -- personally like if it's you know if it's a disorienting disease think that this remove some of the stigma of not being able to accept it by making it an open and acceptable thing. In this city. Definite link this city can lead the way in now. The fact that the city is taking this step to include this. -- it doesn't cost anything to the city I was amazed to find this out it's no additional cost to the city. And not only that. But it means that people can talk about it people can talk about it with their employer with their doctor with everybody that they they. Feels trusting about. And because it's in the public I -- we have the opera came to have these kind of conversations not just here and radio but. Some people might be able to take this and use that as to find the carriage to talk to an employer if they have not yet they might find the courage to talk to. There's family if they have not yet -- and a group where. At the coffee shop I regularly see people sitting out there at tables looking like they want to join us and not having the courage to do so because of the challenges they faced so far. -- for each and every one of the play of sue don't come up to the table I'm pretty sure there's about two when he other folks out there who are at home. Wondering if they're the only one or terrified to leave their house because they're afraid that they're gonna get beat up are gonna get ridiculed or harassed. I like to say that dumb everyone a lot of people said before that they haven't met a transgender person but I think that that's very unlikely. IE per share any more or less than you know yeah exactly that a lot of people have been a lot of cases you can't tell because people are curled up inside themselves afraid. And I think that any sort of of legislation or changes. Nondiscrimination legislation and you know -- an expansion of health care benefits. Is helpful in personal and public acceptance and makes people feel more comfortable about just moving on with their lives and and becoming the person that they know they are. And it's one step at a time. The legislation is one piece education is another piece the fact that we're having this conversation right now means that there's going to be more people out in the city who. Have a better understanding that we're just people to -- your friends we're neighbors -- co workers fellow parishioners. Weird in the clubs here in word. Dancing our butt -- that very taxing. Where around a four year potentially college roommates I had a college now you know the college I went to you know I've seen somebody go through. The discovery of you know discovering that they -- we're going to become a transgender male and it was so. You know lose a little -- Everest as you can see that they were having a hard time struggling to Europe but it was actually. Beautiful and in lining when all of these things that they were you know they finally felt like themselves and they could post about it on to their friends and he -- it's a great process to watch happen when it's it when there's an acceptance and Nino was very clear from some of their post that they were worried about acceptance. But the outpouring of love that comes from that too is is just is huge and beautiful to watch an honestly it was in my. You know really I felt honored to be able to see that from somebody that I knew personally that I got to you know live within college. That's what I love about running -- got a New Delhi gender variance we know it's just a social group we made up -- from 7:9 PM. Equal grounds. Just hang out and be comfortable and our own skin where it's okay to be you know matter how many times you have to figure out what kind of announce feel good. -- to say. Whichever one makes you smile the most that's the right one for it and I see people blossoming I see people coming into their confidence. And that's priceless. They really is so I have a question though Aaron because there we wanna take the time to educate and again we're joined. But Elaine and more Delaney from added the president lane is the president of the -- alliance of greater Rochester -- the founder of the Genesee valley -- of variants. What do you think. Is the biggest misunderstanding people have about transgender people. I think one of the best worst ones I hear is that someone transgender is put input just a guy in address that is so far from the truth. My trans women sisters hired the most vibrant women I know and I know a lot of great women -- is gender and transgender alike. So can you explain some -- -- candidates and understanding to what this says gender mean. Sister under mean some people who is gender identity lines up with they're com. They're -- gender -- okay yes. So that just so make sure everybody out everyone else ya -- at how do you think and how can the public get better educated about transgender people. But the gay alliance the Genesee valley has a great education program I know that they do I speak out training says well as a workplace diversity training in the community. I've gone through their speak out training myself and I'd recommend it to anybody whether you're planning on speaking on LG BT issues or not. Yet -- seems like it's a really good piece to try to inform yourself. Myself as well and also trans alliance of greater Rochester is to -- current go to organization locally. For our community support and education and it's not only for support forums trans people but also for family members friends allies and people who just. Need to understand what's going on and you know if you have a coworker who's coming out you need to understand you're welcome to come to one of our meetings contact us through our website. And will provide educational mature materials discussion and van damme. You know social interaction. That's great I think desert the fact that this exists now for other people I think is is incredibly powerful to effort especially explaining things. To kind of go back a little bit on the issue. And I know we talked about it sound but. When you talked about -- specifically that you know these -- to these tax dodge does that think that's maybe there's some misconceptions about what exactly this health care proposal from their -- He's doing for a transgender people. Can you speak on some of the terms in May be clear some of the air about you know. Then there's tax dollars being spent on something that some people have called not necessarily us but that's being called frivolous you know how this how can you explain. -- can you help us understand. What deeper that is he said -- more that it was you know that's not even gonna cost tax dollars anything but maybe there's a miscommunication that we need to clear out. Well first off the American Psychiatric Association as well as the American Medical Association World Health Organization and other international medical organizations. All are on pretty much the same page when it comes to trans health care and what's necessary to -- to help people cope with their story up. And help them move forward in in transition and in now living the life that Tom. Well that where there crippled by depression. As for so this is definitely something that is medically necessary for people who are who suffer from this. It's not a matter of being frivolous it's a matter of helping people through their issues and it. And there are lots of other medical procedures that Tom. You know that are are covered by insurance now I've worked for insurance companies in the past and it worked for -- PA's third party administrators. I generally when an insurance plan as presented to a company and then a negotiation and -- they're often not different portions of the plan that are included or left out. And quite quite often these things do not. Change the amount of the premiums and not change the amount that the organization that is purchasing the album. Plan for their employees. Pays the -- it's often not you know opt in opt out sometimes they do and sometimes I'm increasing them to the total number of them does. I'm we receive confirmation through discussion with. With Lynette when not at NBC's that she's spoken to. Other sitting on it in the city has confirmed that they're not paying anything extra for the us. If there's any increase it might be two individual premiums as I understand. And again this is something that needs to be confirmed through this is your second -- at this part is through secondhand sources. That there will be. On -- part of the will be paying higher premiums themselves. We -- think is very crucial to understand that it's actually it's not a mandatory thing yes we keep hearing people saying that they're spending our tax dollars on this and. Really are our tax dollars that the people who are spending the most money to be honest as the insurance company so -- and that's what they therefore that's how they negotiate sound. I think that's. A lot of the misconception in recent allegation that I've seen and then I'm really glad that we can have this discussion to cleared up. Do you I would love to hear a little bit more about. You know the mission statement and even what your goals are within your separate organizations Condit -- alliance of greater Rochester and the Genesee valley gender alliance. The Genesee -- gender variant is primarily a I'm just a social meet -- group so our goal is to provide a safe space for people who are. Gender non conforming or transgender. Or who are allies friends relatives to come out beat themselves in nonjudgmental atmosphere. So how can they find out more details about that is there -- for -- to -- in -- -- do you -- -- -- say we have a FaceBook group Genesee -- gender variance. As in town. It's -- request in so okay I'm good about approving memberships anyone who requested giant as long as people are behaving themselves they can stay a member of that group. And come on out on Thursday nights from seven to 9 PM -- equal grounds as perfect. And darling you and it tells about the transatlantic -- register. Absolutely trans alliance of greater Rochester has existed not different forms over I believe last seventeen years most recent tying carnation translate into greater Rochester. We area. An organization that focuses on support education. And -- community service and community organization for trans people I'm hoping trans people be aware of there options. Making them aware of other people putting them in touch with one another. And providing as I said -- support and education both to the trans community as opposed to fat friends family and allies of the trans community. We meet regularly at Tom currently at and TC open arms church located on on main street 707 main street. There is a website itself www. RNY TG dot org. And that website has information on our meet ups as well as other local groups on Genesee valley gender variance and whatnot is is mentioned on our calendar as well. Because we like -- out provide people with options and let them know what's out there for their for their support and education. On that line we also have other groups in the area there's guys' night out that meets on the second Saturday of the month that equal grounds during the day. And there is so Rochester girl's. Believe they meet at the avenue potent. There's so much support in the community that I'm glad that we have this opportunity to let folks know that we're here. And we're productive and we are friendly. Tenured members of Rochester now is even more important for people to remember that -- all of part of the -- community all part of the scene. You know. You live in the same area with the same goals in the same aspirations for life and that you know you're just -- -- the practice area history our men and got a son goes to school the Ericsson. Proud as heck of them I can tell from your big -- meaning. Full and it. So thank you both critiquing and making the time to commend enjoyed this year welcome and bounds. If I could also mentioned just information about health care if people aren't shouldn't finding out more about health care. Glad to which is an organization that come up to coordinate a lot of firm media coverage also. On their website www. Glad to dot org it's -- GL AD. I'm GL AD dot org a forward slash health care there's a lot of good -- information about transgender healthcare and dom. It's it's an excellent resource and good place to look at such perfect thank you you're welcome. Well I may have really do appreciate you guys coming into 1990 point nine the buzz we're looking forward so much to continuing to work in our local -- GBT community. So just as a reminder. I'd just gender to documentary directed by Rochester needed George uber I believe is a missing is now made perfect. -- can have and I never trust -- -- dozen times. Which seeks to educate viewers about the transgender community -- screen here in Rochester on June 5 as a special screening benefiting the -- I into the Genesee valley that's just gender looks -- the breath of transgenic diversity. And puts a very human face on transgender experiences while challenging viewers to question the notions of what it means to be male or female what does it seems to be a lot of you know that towel. The just for a aspect of it yes so it's very affirmative very straightforward just gender seeks to counteract the ignorance that can lead to the discrimination and the bias. The director and executive producer George U -- he is a Rochester native introduce themselves and participate in -- talk -- session just after the screening so. Thank you both and on behalf of lean and more and more Cellini. Nailed it -- backed odd turn to Iraq next on the buzz.

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